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Quantitative Neurogenetics & QTL Mapping

Genetics of Myopia

Control of Neuron Number and Stereology

Growth Cones and Dying Axons

Retina Development and Visual System Mutants

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  2000 Williams RW, Lu L, Airey DC, Kulkarni K, Manly KF, Zhou G, Threadgill DW (2000) RIX mapping: A demonstration using CXB RIX hybrids to map QTLs modulating eye size in mice. Int Mouse Genome Conf 14: XX.
  2000 Rosen GD, Williams AG, Capra JA, Connolly MT, Cruz B, Lu L, Airey DC, Kulkarni K, Williams RW (2000) The Mouse Brain Library @ Int Mouse Genome Conf 14: XX
  2001 Lu L, Airey DC, Williams RW (2001) Genetic architecture of the mouse hippocampus: Identification of gene loci with regional effects. 31st Annual Neuroscience meeting:XX


Short Course Tutorial
Neuroscience Meets Quantitative Genetics: Using Morphometric Data to Map Genes that Modulate CNS Architecture
Updated August 2000 with new figures and text on RIX mapping.

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